Tuesday, January 13, 2015

lemon chicken broth

Sometimes I like to get a little crazy in the kitchen.  I like to think of my kitchen as party central.  And chicken broth...well it can be anything but a party if it's just chicken and water, am I right?  I mean, sure, it'll be good enough.  But do we really want our soups to be good enough?  No.  No we don't.  We want some Bang Bang!  We want some Firework!  We want a loud and proud soup full of flavor!  So, next time you're making a boring old chicken broth, try throwing in some parsley and a lemon.  BAM.  Now that's what I call flavor. 

Oh, and if you're so inclined, pump up some jams and dance while you're doing it.  Except don't dance while you slice the lemon, ok?  Let's not dance with knives.  We're partying, but were not reckless.  Right?  Right.

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